Floral Trends for Weddings in 2014 – by Word of Mouth

As any event planner knows, a wedding’s floral scheme is one of the most important elements in terms of the overall décor. Flowers can say a lot about a couple’s personality and can really set the tone for the wedding’s look and feel from start to finish.

As the head florist for catering and events company By Word Of Mouth, Angie Kaalson says, “Weddings flower trends in 2014 will centre around achieving a natural look using indigenous flowers, relaxed arrangements, and a bold splash of colour. It’s all about creating a look where flowers have been freshly picked from a gorgeous South African garden.”

Here are Angie’s top floral trends for weddings this year:

1. Unstructured table arrangements. Increasingly, people are moving away from the traditional “posy” table arrangements in favour of looser, more unstructured table flowers that give a more relaxed feel.

2. Indigenous flowers. In keeping with this natural look, indigenous flowers are becoming very popular in both the ceremony and reception venues. These could include succulents such as aloes and desert roses, potted herbs, orchids, or fynbos such as king proteas. Combining roses with indigenous flowers is also becoming a trend. Overall, using a mix of greenery and indigenous flowers creates a feel of different textures and colours, as if the flowers have been picked straight from the garden.

3. A splash of colour. Gone are the days of muted, soft colour schemes using just pastels and whites. Wedding flower trends this year are leaning towards using one bold colour – such as this year’s Pantone colour of the year, Radiant Orchid – set against a traditional muted backdrop of whites, ivories and gold.

4. Going a bit “over the top”. For the more adventurous bride, original and slightly decadent flower arrangements are becoming popular, such as actual trees on tables and hanging gardens from ceilings. Bouquets this year will be larger than ever, featuring other elements besides flowers like twigs and Spanish moss.

5. Petal patterns. For 2014, a key floral trend is to decorate the aisle with strewn petals over the floor instead of a carpet – an especially popular choice with outdoor weddings. Hanging gardens are also an unusual alternative to traditional flower arrangements in both ceremony and reception venues.

6. Floral crowns. For both the bride and bridesmaids, floral crowns are becoming a popular alternative to a handheld bouquet.

Overall, wedding flower trends in 2014 are about creating an unfussy and slightly informal setting. This doesn’t mean you have to forego creativity though: using bold colours and other textured elements like driftwood or rope besides flowers can help you add a huge amount of originality. Above all, when choosing your client’s wedding flower scheme, always go for a look and feel that suits the wedding venue – as well as the couple’s individual personality.

For more information, contact By Word of Mouth on 011 553 7600 or visit www.bywordofmouth.co.za

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