Goodbye CEO: A new lens on ‘Ownership’ – By Leigh Swartz


Few could argue that today’s CEOs and managers, in both South Africa and abroad, are not under crippling pressure. Faced with a fast-changing and increasingly complex world of work, tighter margins, shifting demographics and a stagnant economy, even survival is a tall order. Many companies are achieving little to no growth, while others are simply falling into disarray and failing to deliver. In many corners, blame is placed on a perceived ‘talent shortage’ and lack of necessary skills, knowledge and expertise. Yet we believe that the underlying problem is, fundamentally, a leadership issue.

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Is it time to fire that client? – by Donna Rachelson


Here are some tips on how to identify ‘bad’ clients, and reasons why you should turn them away…

Are you so busy trying to find new clients that you haven’t assessed whether or not you actually want them or if they are good for your business? It may seem to go against the grain, but there will most likely be times in your business journey when you will have to turn clients away. It can be hard to do, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. Read on for a few tips to ensure that your marketing activities attract the right types of clients. Continue reading

IV Infusions – Part of the solution to optimal health – by Little Black Book PR


IV Infusions have been featured in the media rather a lot lately, thanks to celebrity clients such as Madonna, Simon Cowell, Cindy Crawford and Rihanna to name but a few.

Closer to home, Health Renewal was born out of a need to achieve optimal health from within – as a complementary offering alongside Skin and Body Renewal. With a team of qualified medical doctors and nurses, Dr Burt Jooste, an integrative and aesthetic medical practitioner, heads Health Renewal up. Continue reading

Immigration and relocation: What are your rights? – by Gillian Lowndes


The news that your former spouse intends to emigrate, taking your children with them, is devastating. What are your rights in this difficult situation?

In South Africa, all legislation related to the contact you, as a divorced parent, enjoy with your child (previously known as ‘access’) is contained in the Children’s Act of 2005. It outlines all your responsibilities in terms of caring for your child, having contact with them, maintenance and guardianship. Continue reading